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Getting Married at a Licensed Venue?

Getting Married at a Licensed Venue? You can still have a celebrant!

Many couples and venues are unaware that a licensed venue doesn't restrict you to a registrar-led ceremony. In this blog post we explore how you can embrace the freedom to choose an independent celebrant for a truly personalised experience. Dive into the surprising findings from the UK Weddings Conference and learn how to make your special day even more unique and memorable.

Independents Celebrants – AOIC

We attended the amazing UK Weddings Conference with @guidesforbrides we were astonished to discover that so many venues did not know the ceremony options available to couples.. But all were keen to find out!

Did you know?...

  • Getting married at a licensed venue does NOT mean you are compelled to have a registrar-led civil ceremony

  • Many couples now choose to complete their legal marriage before the ‘the big day’, allowing them to have a fully personalised and flexible ceremony with an independent celebrant at a venue of their choice, whether licensed or not

  • In the Guides for Brides panel of brides and grooms, when asked whether their ceremony options were explained by their venue, ALL said no (registrars were presented as the only option)…… and ALL said if they knew, they definitely would have considered a celebrant

  • So couples….. the choice is yours!

  • And venues…….. when showing couples around, please do explain their ceremony options. More choice and personalisation = a happier couple and even more wonderful wedding day


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