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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies honour relationships without legal bindings, providing a meaningful way for couples to express their enduring commitment.





Why Choose a Commitment Ceremony?

Choosing a commitment ceremony allows couples the freedom to express love on their own terms. It's a celebration untethered by legalities, allowing couples to honour their relationship authentically.


By opting for a commitment ceremony, you embrace the unique journey of your partnership, affirming your love and devotion openly. It's a choice that resonates with couples seeking a heartfelt, personalised celebration that reflects their commitment without boundaries.

Our Commitment Ceremonies..

Tailored to You: From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, we work with our clients to craft personalised rituals, heartfelt vows, and unique celebrations capturing their unique love story.


Our Commitment Ceremonies are priced from £600.

Please get in touch to discuss what this price includes and to add any extras to your Commitment Ceremony.

For our other ceremonies, pricing is subject to consultation unless stated otherwise.

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